Create Your ERC404 Collection

Pandora Finance’s ERC404-powered Marketplace simplifies the process of launching your own ERC404 collection. Whether you are a brand, a budding project, or an individual creator looking to tap into the ERC404 space, this marketplace enables you to create an ERC404 collection without any coding hassle. This guide walks you through the necessary steps to create your collection, from initiating the process to confirming the transaction.

Step 1: Initiate the Creation Process

  1. Access the ERC404 Creation Page: Start by clicking the “Create ERC404” button located on the navigation bar of our website. This will take you to the necessary form to begin crafting your collection.

Step 2: Provide Collection Details

  1. Enter Essential Information:

    • Collection Icon: Upload an icon that represents your collection. This visual will serve as the face of your collection across the platform.

    • Collection Name: Choose a unique name that encapsulates the essence of your collection. This will be the official title representing your collection on the marketplace.

    • Symbol: Designate a distinctive symbol that acts as a shorthand identifier for your collection.

    • Supply of Tokens: Define the total amount of tokens you plan to mint for your collection. This figure will dictate the scarcity and availability of your tokens.

    • Media Files: Attach up to 10,000 media files in formats such as PNG, JPG, GIF, or MP4, which will represent the NFTs in your collection.

    • CSV File: Upload a CSV file containing metadata corresponding to the media files you've attached. This file will detail the attributes and information related to each NFT.

Step 3: Confirm and Create Your Collection

  1. Finalization:

    • After entering all required information, click the “Create” button to commence the creation process.

    • A prompt from your wallet will appear, asking you to confirm the transaction. Review the transaction details, including any gas fees, and confirm to proceed.

Step 4: Access and Manage Your Collection

  1. Collection Page:

    • Upon successful transaction confirmation, you’ll be redirected to a dedicated page for your ERC404 collection.

    • This page will showcase all crucial details of your collection, such as the total token supply, symbol, and direct links to the metadata of each token.

Note: Your ERC404 Collection NFTs will be minted and visible only after ERC404 has been transferred to another address or by creating a pair through adding liquidity.

Disclaimer: After your ERC404 collection has been created, you're positioned to further engage with the DEX by setting up liquidity pools and leveraging the token transfer function. These steps enhance your collection's market liquidity and facilitate efficient token management.

By adhering to these instructions, you can efficiently create your ERC404 collection, integrating seamlessly into the expansive ecosystem of Pandora Finance's ERC404 Marketplace & DEX. This process not only simplifies the creation and management of digital assets but also opens up a world of possibilities for creators to innovate and thrive within the Web3 space.

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