Create Liquidity Pool

Boost the liquidity of your tokens within Pandora Finance’s ERC404 DEX. Create a liquidity pool by pairing your ERC20 tokens within an ERC404 collection with an established token, to facilitate exchange and maximize potential. Here, this guide outlines the steps to establish a liquidity pool on our platform, tailored to your specific requirements.

Note: We've made it easier to create pools by incorporating Uniswap V2 and V3 for the Ethereum Mainnet, along with Quickswap for the Polygon Mainnet.

Access Your Collection

  1. Navigate to Your Collection: Begin by visiting the collection page for your tokens. Here, you'll find the option “Create Pool.” Clicking this prepares you for the next steps in liquidity provision.

    Note: The “Create Pool” button opens a user-friendly interface designed to facilitate the pairing of your ERC20 token with an established token. This creates a trading pair that forms the basis of your liquidity pool.

Pairing Tokens

  1. Token Selection: Choose your ERC20 token and an established token to create a pair. This crucial step forms the foundation of your liquidity pool on the platform.

Initializing the Pool

  1. Pool Initialization:

    • For new pairs, you'll need to initiate the pool by selecting a starting price. Note that initializing a new pair may incur a slightly higher gas fee due to the transaction's nature.

    • With Uniswap V2 & Quickswap integration, there's no need to manually set a price range. The platform automatically calculates prices based on the liquidity of the tokens involved. If you're establishing a new pair, you'll initially own 100% of the pool's share. This percentage adjusts as others contribute to the pool.

Deposit and Confirmation

  1. Deposit Tokens:

    • Enter the amount of each token you wish to contribute to the pool and select “Deposit.” This action is the final step before your liquidity pool becomes operational.

  2. Confirm the Transaction:

    • The last step involves confirming the transaction in your wallet. This includes paying the necessary gas fee to process the transaction on the blockchain.

Broadening Support for Additional DEXs

At present, our integration encompasses Uniswap V2 & V3, along with Quickswap. However, we are looking ahead to extend our support to more decentralized exchanges. This strategic move aims to enhance the versatility and accessibility of your liquidity pools on Pandora Finance's ERC404 Marketplace + DEX. By following these steps, you can effectively boost the liquidity of your tokens, facilitating smoother exchanges and maximizing their potential in the marketplace. Our platform's dedicated UI, designed with Uniswap v2 & V3, along with Quickswap integration, simplifies this process, ensuring that even new users can confidently navigate the creation of liquidity pools.

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