Buy & Sell NFTs

Pandora Finance's ERC404 Marketplace offers an engaging platform for both selling and buying unique ERC404 NFTs. This guide is designed to simplify the process, whether you're looking to monetize your digital assets or expand your collection with new, intriguing pieces.

Selling Your NFTs

Listing at a Fixed Price

  1. Create a New Listing: Choose the ERC404 NFT you'd like to sell and navigate to the marketplace's listing section.

  2. Set Your Price: Click on “List Now,” where you'll be prompted to specify your desired selling price for the NFT.

  3. Confirm Listing: Finalize your listing by completing the transaction through your wallet, officially putting your NFT up for sale on the marketplace.

Auctioning Your NFTs

Listing NFTs for Auction

  1. Initiate an Auction: Identify the ERC404 NFT you aim to auction and select the appropriate option on the marketplace.

  2. Auction Details: Determine your starting bid and the auction's duration to tailor the sale to your preferences.

  3. Auction Confirmation: Execute the listing by confirming the transaction in your wallet, thereby starting the auction on the marketplace.

Whether opting for a fixed price or auction, listing NFTs on the Pandora Finance ERC404 Marketplace is streamlined and secure, providing flexibility and control over how you monetize your digital assets.

Buying ERC404 NFTs

Direct Purchases

  1. Explore Listings: Navigate to the “listed NFTs” within the ERC404 collection pages or explore the “Drops” section to find available NFTs.

  2. Select an NFT: Choose the NFT you're interested in and click “Buy Now” to proceed.

  3. Complete Purchase: Confirm the transaction details in your wallet to finalize the purchase and add the NFT to your collection.

Participating in Auctions

How to Place Bids

  1. Locate Auction Listings: Find NFTs listed for auction either on their specific collection pages or under the “Drops” section of the marketplace.

  2. Choose an NFT: Select an NFT to bid on from the “Drops” section and review its details.

  3. Bid Submission: Input your bid, ensuring it surpasses the current highest offer, and proceed to confirm your bid through your wallet.

Note: Once placed, the highest bid remains binding unless it is surpassed by another bid, ensuring fair competition and integrity in the auction process.

Pandora Finance's ERC404 Marketplace strives to make the experience of buying, selling, and auctioning NFTs as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Whether you're diversifying your collection or seeking new enthusiasts for your NFTs, the platform facilitates a smooth, user-friendly trading environment.

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